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    Nome: Paulo Patrocínio
    Tel: (31) 8754-5699
    A Demacol não se responsabiliza por eventualidades nos serviços prestados pelos profissionais indicados. SOMENTE INDICAÇÃO.
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    RT-Theme 17 has been designed to fit screens of all popular devices such as tablets, smart phones and regular computers. You can test it by resizing your browser window.
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    Individual Styling
    You can select a different font type, font size and font color  for headings and texts of your home page custom posts. Remember, you can also use these custom content boxes in any page. You can also change the backgrounds and headers of all individual contents. Check the admin panel screenshots to get more idea about these amazing tools.
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    Product Showcase & Portfolio Features
    Product showcase
    This tools driven by the custom post types and taxonomies of WordPress. You can also use it for your another services such as tour itineraries, rent a car, hotel presentation etc. RT-Theme framework lets you change the “products” and “product” permalinks easily.
    Flexible Portfolio
    You will have too many options to publish details about your works with the custom portfolio posts of RT-Theme 17.
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    Amazing Theme Options
    RT-Framework offers a rock solid theme back-end with tons of useful tools and options. Check the admin panel screenshots to get more idea..

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